Henrik Vibskov

Born in the Country Side of Jutland, Denmark


1998 – 2001
Student at Central St. Martins of Art and Design - menswear
1995 – 1997
Student at Hillevi Van Deurs Design School in Copenhagen

Exhibition history

The Henrik Vibskov book release launch! | Berlin, Germany
“MINDCRAFT 12” | group exhibition by Danish craft | Milano, Italy
Henrik Vibskov solo exhibition | Gallery Ruttkowski 68 – Cologne
Vibskov & Emenius: The Circular Series | Section 2 – Stockholm, Sweden
“The Shrink Wrap Spectacular” AW12 | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Shrink Wrap Spectacular” AW12 | Paris, France
Exhibition at the Röhsska Museum | Sweden
Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” | Riga
Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” | Odense, Denmark
Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” | Riga
“The Curious Sonic Tank”, performance |Seattle, US
Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” | Oslo, Norway
Vibskov & Emenius Section 6, two limited edition screen prints – September
Hotel Pro Forma Costumes “War Sum Up” | Riga
Vibskov & Emenius at Gwangju Design Biennale | Gwangju, South Korea
“Panopticon and On” SS12 | Copenhagen, Denmark
“Basic Instincts” | Berlin, Germany
“Panopticon and On” SS12 | Paris, France
Henrik Vibskov receives Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Award 2011 | Sweden
Lectures at Central St. Martins | London, United Kingdom
Vibskov & Emenius, The Circular Series, Section 1 | Athens, Greece
Henrik Vibskov Boutique New York City Opening – New York, April.
Vibskov & Emenius, The Circular Series, Section 2 | Stockholm, Sweden
“The Eat” AW11 | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Eat” AW11 | Paris, France
Opening of 100 Days Amsterdam, retail concept | Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Shades Down In Tokyo Town” | Tokyo, Japan
“An Astral Trip” at Notch Festival | China
Performance and set design Trentemøller European Tour | Europe
- “The Last Pier Pandemonium” SS11 | Milan, Italy
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 10 | Brazil
Lectures at Kolding Design School | Kolding, Denmark
“The Last Pier Pandemonium” SS11 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Vibskov & Emenius, The Circluar Series, Section 4 | Washington Dc., US
Workshop at LungA Art Festival in Iceland | Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
“The Last Pier Pandemonium” SS11 | Paris, France
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 10 | Shanghai
V Man Show | New York, US
“Space for Fantasy” at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann | Paris, France
Lectures at Beckmans College | Stockholm, Sweden
Book release “The Panda People and Other Works” | Berlin, Germany
Lectures at Tekstilbranchen & Danske Formgivere | Copenhagen, Denmark
“Bodybuilding” at Nerderlands Architectuur Instituut | Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lectures at Gammel Holtegaard Museum | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Slippery Spiral Situation” AW10 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Solo exhibition at Pool Gallery | Berlin, Germany
Vibskov & Emenius, Circular Series Section 2 | Bremen
“The Slippery Spiral Situation” AW10 | Paris, France
Costumes design for “Circus Hein” | France
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe project 10 | Kyoto, Japan
Lectures & workshop at University of Arts | Bremen
Lectures & workshop Swedish School of Textiles | Borås, Sweden
Solo exhibition at Kunsthal Brænderigården | Viborg, Denmark
Notch 09 Festival | Bejing
“Paperball Exhibition”, the Museum of Art and Design | New York, US
Scenography for Danish musician Mikael Simpson | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Magnetic Mind Field”, Kunstindustrimuseet | Copenhagen, Denmark
Vibskov & Emenius The Circular Series Section 1 | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Solar Donkey Experiment”, SVT24 documentary | Sweden
“Its A Small World”, Danish Design Center | Copenhagen, Denmark
Costumes design for “Sylfiden” | Århus, Denmark
Award from the Danish Arts Council | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Solar Donkey Experiment” SS10 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Workshop at LungA Art Festival in Iceland | Seyðisfjörður, Iceland
Appearance on Danish national radio P1 | Denmark
Set design for Trentemøller at Roskilde Festival | Roskilde, Denmark
“The Solar Donkey Experiment” SS10 | Paris, France
Graduating judge at Antwerp Royal Academy Of Fine Arts | Antwerp, Belgium
Graduating judge at Central St. Martins | London, United Kingdom
Lecture at The Dansh Design School | Copenhagen, Denmark
Workshop “REDYELLOWWHITE” | Three Countries
Lectures at The Central St. Martins College | London, United Kingdom
"Fabric for Thought” at Koldingshus Museum | Kolding, Denmark
Video of Fringe Project 8 shown at Hyeres Festival | Villa Noailles
Exhibition of Fringe Project 1-10 at Zeeuws Musem | Middleburg, February
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 4 | Rotterdam, Netherlands
“The Human Laundry” Service AW09 | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Human Laundry” Service AW09 | Paris, France
“The Visit” at MU Gallery | Eindhoven, Netherlands
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Projects Research | Viborg, Denmark
The Tent City: “The Tequila Version” | Monterrey, Mexico
The Tent City: “The Wave” | Seoul
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 5 | Zurich
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 8 | Online, August
The Tent City “Snail Version” | Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening of Henrik Vibskov Boutique in Oslo, Norway
“The Ideal Man” at Gemeentemuseum | Den Haag, Netherlands
“The Tent City” SS09 | Paris, France
Henrik Vibskov receives ”Best Brand” Fashion Award | Copenhagen, Denmark
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 2 | Copenhagen April.
Vibskov & Emenius, Fringe Project 7 | Milan, Italy
Performance for Trentemøller European Tour | Europe
SVT 2 documentary on Central St. Martins students | Sweden
Workshop at The Istituto Europeo Di Design | Madrid, Spain
“The Mint Institute” AW08 | St. Andrews
Exhibition collaboration with Elmgreen & Dragset | Paris, France
“The Mint Institute” AW08 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Designers Against Aids t-shirt design w/H&M | Paris, France
“The Mint Institute” AW08 | Paris, France
“A Danish Dowry” at DDC | Copenhagen, Denmark
Henrik Vibskov recieves awards from the Danish Design Counsil.
Solo exhibition | Cuxhaven
“LAND OF BLACK CARROTS” at DDC | Copenhagen, Denmark
Posterdesign for The Official Copenhagen Jazz Festival | Copenhagen, Denmark
Arnhem Biennale | Arnhem
Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2007 | Kolding, Denmark
“The Big Wet Shiny Boobies” | St. Andrews
“Emergency Room” at PS 1 MoMA | New York, US
“LAND OF BLACK CARROTS” AW07 | Copenhagen, Denmark
“LAND OF BLACK CARROTS” AW07 | Paris, France
“The Cyklys Snake” at The Danish Embassy | Paris, France
“The Big Wet Shiny Boobies” Mid-E Festival | San Sebastian
The Candles” at V1 Gallery | Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening of the Henrik Vibskov store | Copenhagen, Denmark
Costumes design “Sylfien” | Copenhagen, Denmark
"The Big Wet Shiny Boobies” | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Big Wet Shiny Boobies” at the Czech Embassy | Berlin, Germany
“The Big Wet Shiny Boobies” | Paris, France
“You Wear it Well“ film festival | Los Angeles, US
“USE IT” at DDC | Copenhagen, Denmark
“Unik” at Gewerbemuseum | Wintherthur
“USE IT” at Megaron | Athens, Greece
Workshop and exhibition at Kron | Reykjavik, Iceland
“The Cyklus” | St Andrews
“The Cyklus” | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Cyklus” | Berlin, Germany
“The Cyklus” | Paris, France
“USE IT” at Hong Kong Design Center | Hong Kong
“Breve” at Mads Nørgaard Store | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Mirror” SS06 at A-Huset | Copenhagen, Denmark
“USE IT” at Expo 2005 | Nagoya, Japan
“The Mirror” SS06 | Paris, France
Exhibition at Senko gallery | Viborg, Denmark
Exhibition at Beneath | Stockholm, Sweden
Exhibition at Jeriko | Malmö, Sweden
“The Blinded by Firework” at Don’t Walk” Charities Show | St Andrews
“USE IT” at Expo 2005 | Tokyo, Japan
“The Dogs” and “The Blinded by firework” | Tokyo, Japan
“The Toti” | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Airplanes project” | Berlin, Germany
“The Dogs” | Paris, France
“The Blinded by Firework” | Copenhagen, Denmark
“Mixi maxi of Vibskov classic’s” at Factory | Tokyo, Japan
"The Blinded by Firework” at Public Galerie | Paris, France
"The Airplanes project” at DDC | Copenhagen, Denmark
Exhibition at Nieves Studio | Zurich
Exhibition at the Hyeres Festival 2004. 3 rooms 3 world premieres for: “Airplane”, “The Mini Dog” and “The Dancing Frogs” | Villa Noailles
Exhibition and showroom at Gallery Birthe Laursen | Paris, France
“The Dancing Frogs” | Copenhagen, Denmark
DR2 documentary on Henrik Vibskov | Denmark
"The Dancing Frogs” | Paris, France
Exhibition with Banksy, Faile and others | Copenhagen, Denmark
Exhibition at Kunstraum | Berlin, Germany
“Get Back on My Feet” at V1 Gallery | Copenhagen, Denmark
Show and finalist for GWAND The Swiss award | Lucerne
Taken off from the stage after criticizing the Danish minister of culture.
Awarded Name of the year in Danish fashion | Copenhagen, Denmark
Show and exhibition at V1 gallery | Copenhagen, Denmark
Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris during the Men’s Fashion Week June
3 shows and an exhibition at the Hyères Festival | Villa Noailles
Exhibition at V1 gallery | Copenhagen, Denmark
“Don’t Walk” charity for breast cancer care | St. Andrews College
Exhibition at Hamburg Gallery | Hamburg
“The Pigs” | Paris, France
“Get Back on My Feet” | Paris, France
“The Eye” | St. Andrews
“The Eye” | Paris, France
“The Eye” | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Eye” | London, United Kingdom
“The Pigs” at Midwest | Tokyo, Japan
The Royal Danish Art Foundation Staten’s Kunstfond grants Henrik Vibskov a two year starting scholarship from January 2002
“The Future Map” and “The Pigs” at Millbank Gallery | London, United Kingdom
“The Egg” at Laing Art Gallery | Newcastle
"The Egg” at Sotheby Gallery | New York, US
"The Egg” at Bluecoat Gallery | Liverpool, United Kingdom
“The Pigs” at Luftkastellet, supported DR | Copenhagen, Denmark
DR documentary about “The Pigs” and Henrik Vibskov | Denmark, August.
Selected for the press show at Central St. Martins | London, June.
“The Egg” at ICA (Institute of Contemporary art) – London, March.
“The Egg” Short listed for Beck’s Future Prize 2001.
Received Beck's 1. prize | Student Future Prize 2000 for the film "The Monk"
"The Monk"| Brighton Independent Film Festival, Brighton
"The Monk" | ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, United Kingdom
"The Monk" | Cornerhouse, Machester, United Kingdom
"The Monk" | Corma 2, Madrid, Spain
"The Monk" | CCA, Glasgow
"The Monk" | Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
"The Monk" | Den Sidste Café, Aarhus, Denmark
Exhibition at Peder Sabro Seminarium | Aarhus, Denmark
“The Paki Huju” at The Pakistan Blue Star Nightclub | Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Paki Huju” at “Den sidste Café | Aarhus, Denmark


Finalist in Smirnoff International Fashion Award
1. Prize in a Breakdance - Electric boogie Competition