Group Exhibition

ARoS | Aarhus, Denmark

6 April - 4 August 2019

The questions we ask today are instrumental in shaping tomorrow’s world. Tomorrow is the Question focuses on our common future. A group exhibition of international contemporary art eliciting reflection and discussion of present and future challenges.

Play a game of table tennis, see a red-hot globe, allow yourself to be cleansed by an all-enveloping interactive waterfall. ARoS’ first temporary exhibition in 2019 shows how it is possible, using art as a facilitator and catalyst, to highlight the biggest and most complex issues facing our time. The exhibition takes as its point of departure the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and invites the audience to reflect on the world of tomorrow.

ART 2030 

Tomorrow is the Question is created in a curatorial collaboration between ARoS and Luise Faurschou and has been underway for three years. Luise Faurschou is director of the organisation ART 2030 whose goal is to link art to the SDGs. ART 2030 has been dubbed the most ambitious art project of all time by the international art platform artnet.

The exhibition presents works by fifteen international contemporary artists.  A common denominator of these works is their capability, in a particularly powerful, visual, and sensuous way, to communicate the fact that we live in times of upheaval. The participating artists collectively focus on the huge challenges currently facing us in a form that gives rise to contemplation about the state of the world, calling for dialogue, innovative thinking, and collective action. Collectively, the artists represent individual voices, consistently succeeding in challenging our perception of reality and habitual thinking.               

Source: (ARoS)