Group Exhibition

Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art | Copenhagen, Denmark

13 April - 26 May 2019

Drawing Attention is an exhibition that seeks to analyse what the status of drawing, investigating how the practice has been revitalised in recent years. With a pronounced longing for the analogue, the drawing is the fundamental starting point and conceptual focus of the exhibition.

Behind the exhibition, is the association Den Frie Udstilling, with the two visual artists Maria Finn and Peter Holst Henckel as curators at the forefront. In addition to the artists of the association, some of the top and most outstanding artists in the field are invited to contribute with drawings in the broader sense. Where drawing was previously the natural technical point of departure for any young painter, graphic artist or sculptor, being able to draw today is no longer a necessary discipline for an artist. Despite this, the drawing is still a format used by many artists across generations.

In recent decades, the body and analog have lost ground in favour of touch screens, digital technologies and wireless communication. Perhaps that is why a blossoming and interest in more traditional techniques and media is seen, and we have seen the tactile qualities associated with the analogue. The trend is clearly seen in the current visual arts - possibly as a form of counter-reaction to society's increased digitalisation. Drawing Attention dips into this trend and looks at the drawing as a separate medium that exists in its own right. Maria Finn has worked with drawing for a number of years and Peter Holst Henckel with a more conceptual approach to the media's possibilities.

Source: (Den Frie)