Group Exhibition

The Grey Space in The Middle | The Hague, Netherlands

9 - 16 February 2018

Grauzone festival is an independent multidisciplinary underground festival with a diverse and cutting-edge program where music, film and art complement each other. Grauzone festival features young talent as well as established names rooted in or influenced by the underground music scene of the eighties. The program consists of performances by (international) bands and DJ’s, a symposium with lectures and interviews, an exhibition and a film program.

Prior and during the festival, the exhibition will be open for public. In the evening there will be two performances which are integrated with Grauzone Festival. Performances by Andrea van Gelder (nl) and Eva Elaine & Ragnar (nl). Programme and times will be announced in the official Grauzone timetable.

Participating Artists:

Theis Wendt (dk) / Filip Vervaet (be) / Harold de Bree (nl) / Nik Christensen (uk) / Isabel Reitemeyer (ger) / Mio Fujimaki (jap) / Andrea van Gelder (nl) / Bertus Gerssen (nl) / Eva Elaine & Ragnar (nl) / Lula Valletta (nl) / Laura A Dima (ro) / Natasja Alers (nl) / Lillian Vlaun (awb)/ Marie de Bruyn (be) / Rik Buter (nl)

Source: (The Grey Space)