A + B | Brescia, Italy

10 June - 15 July 2017

The titled of the show is related to a musical feeling born from the artist in a specific moment of his life. “Mi par d’udir ancora” is not an interpretative title, but is related to the valuation of the artist about a close and professional examination of painting materials and painting techniques of the new works. The romanza is from the lyrical work “il Pescatori di perle” by the composer Georges Bizet. The title evoques the central role of the lyrical light tenor, a voice with light and clear tone, high picked with strong vocal moments.

Mi par d’udir ancora, Ascoso in mezzo ai fior, La voce sua canora, Qual di cigno in amor! Oh! notte di carezze, Gioir che non ha fin, Bel sogno, folli ebbrezze, Oh! sovvenir divin! Delle stelle del cielo Al tremolo balen, La vegg’io d’ogni velo Render libero il sen! Oh! notte di carezze! gioir che non ha fin! Oh sovvenir divin! Folli ebbrezze del sogno, sogno d’amor! Divin sovvenir, divin sovvenir!

Once more I hear her voice Where golden lilies always bloom And hear her softly sing Her tender voice Rings through the gloom Oh night Of wondrous love Oh wondrous night Of joy divine Oh memory Forever mine Wondrous night of memory Sweet memory ‘Neath the stars twinkly glowing I see her bosom unveil As the glory is showing Then the moonlight is pale Oh night Of wondrous love O wondrous night Of joy divine Oh memory Forever mine Wondrous night of joy divine Oh wondrous night Divine memory

George Bizet – “Mi par d’udir ancor” from “I Pescatori di Perle” –

The painting by Max Frintrop is a practice in the studio defined by Alex Bacon in the recent printed catalogue “an almost old-fashioned manner”. This practice is concentrated on the esthetical experience that is beyond the emphasis of the gesture and materials used. The recent paintings are the synthesis of the last three years of action, from the moment who Frintrop dissolve the gesture that becomes new poetical material.

This results will be evident in the corpus of the new works that will be shown. Frintrop restore the power of the gesture producing a new variety of prospective plans inside the liquidity of the ink matter. The poetical approach by Max Frintrop appears in this works: simplicity of one gesture, a synthesis of the attitude to build structure, open breaks with light and clear tone with high picked expressive moments.

Source: (Aplusb)