Group Exhibition

Kvadrat16 | Copenhagen, Denmark

9 March - 8 April 2018

Curated by Simon Ganshorn:

Participating Artists: Mevlana Lipp (DE); Cha Joon Hyuck (ROK); Daisy Parris (UK); Torben Ribe (DK); Anna Fro Vodder (DK); Christine Liebich (DE); Sif Itona Westerberg (DK); Shai Yehezkelli (IL); Yulia Iosilzon (IL); Jean François Le Minh (FR); Yasmin Guimarães (BR); Simon Ganshorn (DK)

“You experience life subjectively. But you may in fact be a simulated self-consciousness, programmed by entities that have not planned for you to understand this fact. Nick Bostrom, Elon Musk and other profound individuals explain paradoxical behaviour in quantum physics with ‘the simulation hypothesis’, considering such a scenario a real possibility for our existence. If so, will artists then be avatars programmed to deal with existence and purpose - without the slightest chance of clarification? I am very keen on this paradox, and the question of why these special avatars, the artists, are so uncommonly concerned with questions of existence and its symptoms. It is eternally interesting to see how these individuals convey and negotiate problems, phenomena, psychology, philosophy, science, sexuality, death, etc., led by what seems like an addiction. We may have to acknowledge, that we never reach our goal. But then again, it may all just be an endless rehearsal of so-called human experience in a myriad of different combinations. 

What purpose does art have, if it is just an advanced simulation?

I have gathered a group of artists, that I currently wish to communicate with through this setup, I have chosen to call: The origin of who u are right now”

Source: (Kvadrat16)