MFA Degree Show

Kunsthal Charlottenborg | Copenhagen, Denmark

14 April - 20 May 2018

Curated by Henriette Bretton-Meyer.

Afgang (MFA Degree Show) is the annual exhibition for the graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts. In these months, 26 artists are finishing their 6-year education. The exhibition celebrates and presents new works created by the graduates of The Art Academy. The exhibition is at one time the culmination of their education and an insight into the latest six years working process.

Materials and expressions will vary from artist to artist and this year’s graduate students work with all kinds of styles and modes of expression; from video and painting to sculpture, installation and performance art. Some works are vast in scale; others are delicate, fleeting or porous. Together, they offer insight into the potential future of contemporary Danish art.

The exhibition is presented in the classical setting of the large skylight halls at Kunsthal Charlottenborg – a building that opened in 1883 with the vision of exhibiting the cutting edge of visual arts.

The artists featured are:
Banaan Al-Nasser, Louka Anargyros, Kinga Bartis, Emilia Bergmark, Viktor-Emil Dupont Billund, Emil Alenius Boserup, Emelie Carlén, Ockie Basgül Dogan, Sebastian Hedevang, Anna Kristine Holmberg, David Stjernholm, Morten Knudsen, George Koutsouris, Stephanie Bech, Frederik Worm, Frederik Næblerød, Stefan Plahn, Asta Lulu Refn, Kristoffer Raasted, Louis Scherfig, Sara Sjölin, Marco Spörle, Albin Werle, Ida Retz Wessberg, Fabian Wigren.

Source: (Kunsthal Charlottenborg)