Palais de Tokyo | Paris, France

17 October - 6 January 2019 

Commissioner: Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel


In autumn 2018, Palais de Tokyo invites artist Tomás Saraceno to take possession of all of the exhibition spaces for the fourth edition of the “Carte Blanche" series - these monumental and extraordinary exhibitions entrusted to to artists, initiated by Philippe Parreno in 2013, continued by Tino Sehgal in 2016, and Camille Henrot in 2017.

Largest project ever made by Tomás Saraceno, whose research is developing at the crossroads of arts, science and architecture, the carte blanche brings together a selection of his major works as well as ambitious new productions that transform the Palais de Tokyo into a unique sensorial space.

The exhibition space thus becomes a membrane in which a random and evolutive choreography takes place, where the multiplicity, the richness and the complexity of the agents that constitute the universe, visible and invisible, human and nonhuman, perceptible and imperceptible to our species, reveal themselves as the innumerable voices of the concert of the living.

Anxious to transcend our perception, to explore and to draw inspiration from that of other beings, Tomás Saraceno makes a world more than human, much wider than the field of our individual perspectives, a polyphony where sounds coexist, the movements, the vibrations of species and phenomena, from microscopic to cosmic.

The work of the artist reveals this interweaving of the smallest and the largest scales, and the exhibition reveals the links woven by the artist between a particle of dust, cobwebs, architectures of cloud cities and the reconquest of the atmosphere through the Aerocene project. It is a question of poetically and collectively rethinking our way of inhabiting the world by taking inspiration from the forms present in the vast ecosystem of the cosmos, perhaps to re-examine our way of being human.

The work of Tomás Saraceno is the fruit of a multiplicity of collaborations, and on the occasion of his carte blanche, the artist brings together many actors, among scientific institutions, research groups, activists, local communities, musicians, philosophers, animals, celestial phenomena and visitors, who are invited to participate in an exhibition he imagines as a "cosmic concert". It is about supporting and promoting a solidarity and interconnected culture, where new discourses and new ways of life can be born, as possible answers to the global challenges posed by the Anthropocene.

Performances of "arachno-concerts", publications, workshops and other events continuously enrich the exhibition, transforming Palais de Tokyo into a place where a new ecology of practices unfolds, a composition of interdependencies, an entanglement of resonances between beings.

Source: (Palais de Tokyo)