(Group Show)

After the Butcher | Berlin, Germany

29 September - 11 November 2018

With Michaela Meise, Forensic Architecture & Die Gesellschaft der Freund*innen von Halit & Initiative 6. April and Tomás Saraceno.

After the butcher presents  Verstrickungen / Entanglements three artistic positions that deal with questions that already occupied the historical modernity in dealing with capitalism: how art can act in society into it? Can it implement forward-looking ideas that positively change the current situation?

Tomás Saraceno's network installations and flying objects, which enable people to travel through the air, as well as his plexiglas tubes, in which spiders weave their filigree nets, have been exhibited many times. For the exhibition "Entanglements / Entanglements" at after the butcher, the artist will experiment with a radio antenna that feeds a free-radio network with live transmissions of sounds that spiders produce in their work on the Net.

Tomás Saraceno (* 1973) is an Argentine artist living in Berlin. His artistic work touches and connects science, architecture and society. He examines different social systems and networks in which the human being moves and considers larger contexts. 

Source: (After the Butcher)