with Max Frintrop & Landon Metz

(Group Show)

RIOT | Ghent, Belgium

3 February - 20 April 2019

Curated by Manor Grunewald

The exhibition shows the art collections,  56 works shown from different nationalities and backgrounds, of a selection invited visual artists. The artists have acquired their art collections originated from an exchange with fellow artist. The aim is to demonstrate the mutual connections and field of interest of the artists involved. This without being dependent on commercial restrictions accompanied by the term ‘art collector’. With this exhibition the works go into dialogue with each other by placing them together on one monumental wall. It is an important aspect to gain an insight into the links between younger unknown and more renowned artists. The exhibition refers to the Paris Salons that took place since 1667. These salons were characterised by visitors who included all layers of the population.

Source: (RIOT)